Glitter Girl.

Last week me and my fellow brummy, Chloé, decided we would take it upon ourselves to book a studio and get cracking with our Fashion Photography unit. This particular unit is one that I have been dreading as I’m very much an amateur when it comes to photography. So I decided that throwing myself in the deep end would be the best solution, right?

There is so many things to remember when setting up a photoshoot but luckily we decided to start with the basics and carry out a daylight shoot. Although, we didn’t want to take the bog standard portrait shot. So we mixed it up with the help of some glitter and a whole lot of glue. All those years spent faffing around making sparkly christmas cards were finally paying off! Since we have a David Bowie themed assignment I thought that lots of glitter would be perfect to represent his eccentric and a daring personality.

I am really pleased with the finishing shots of Chloé, that I styled and photographed. I dressed her in a few of favourite pieces from my wardrobe. She wore a vintage United Colours of Benetton, denim jacket.  With an oversized, asymmetric, black and white jumper from next. I slicked back her hair with hairspray to give it that grunge, rocker feel that we have seen featured within ID magazine and also on Bowie multiple times. Her makeup remained minimal but I added my favourite lip shade, Taupe by Mac to add some brown undertones to the pinky, simplistic makeup. Using my primer I traced a line on one side of her face and then applied gold glitter with a brush. Thankfully I put a plastic bag down to catch all of the excess glitter but unfortunately I’m still finding specs on my denim  jacket.  So if you want to take some inspiration away from these shots and decide to have a go, I would suggest putting newspaper on the floor before you start!

So here they are, I hope you enjoyed reading about what Ive been getting up & molly0472chloe & molly0391chloe & molly0448.jpgchloe & molly0418.jpgchloe & molly0422.jpgchloe & molly0460.jpgchloe & molly0482.jpgchloe & molly0487.jpgchloe & molly0399